GACollaborative Law | Real Estate
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Real Estate

Real Estate is a broad field encompassing everything from residential and commercial development to bankruptcy and foreclosure, often involving complex questions of tax law, and government regulation. We at Kaufmann & Associates have transactional experience in all areas of Real Estate from small residential purchases and leases to large complex development deals. Whatever you may need assistance with, GA Collaborative strives to provide you with a seamless, cost-effective plan to achieve all your real estate goals. As one of the leaders in the Philadelphia real estate market, GA Collaborative has established a highly specialized niche that is based on recovering stolen properties. An epidemic in Philadelphia has occurred over the last decade were people have stolen title to real estate from unsuspecting owners. More times than not, the owners have since deceased and have left their properties in a vacant state. We at Kaufmann & Associates assist the heirs of the estate in returning title to the estate usually without any cost to the heir. If you or anyone you know have been a victim of real estate fraud then please contact us immediately.

** Our principle, GA Collaborative Law, is now a licensed Real Estate Broker if you are in need of an experienced Real Estate professional to list your home or find you the perfect new residential or commercial location.

Areas of Expertise Include:
• Home Closings
• Contracts
• Purchase agreements
• Condominium Developments
• Covenants
• Stolen Properties
• Encroachment
• Surveys
• Titles/deeds
• Financial arrangements

Do I need an Attorney if I have a Real Estate Agent?
Real estate agents are paid a commission on real estate transactions and therefore have a self-interested, financial incentive to see your home purchase or sale finalized. He or she may be more inclined to compromise on certain issues in order to avoid jeopardizing a deal.
As your legal representative, our attorney is only interested in protecting your legal and financial interests. If we identify terms and conditions that create unnecessary and unwanted liability, we tell you about them so you can protect yourself. If we believe you are better off reserving your right to litigate post-sale problems with your home, we explain why and encourage you to reject an arbitration clause. If we believe agreeing to repair environmental hazards discovered after the sale of your home exposes you to unwanted liability, we tell you upfront.